Damascus Steel Handmade HUNTING Knife with Bone Handle

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Product Description: The blade is made from 1095 steel and 15n20 nickel, cryogenically heat treated in liquid nitrogen to increase hardness. As you may know, 1095 is a traditional and sought after American high carbon steel that is prized for knife blades. It is hardened to about 58-60 on the Rockwell C scale (HRC). This blade is a serious blade that will work well for hunting and fishing. It can be easily re-sharpened at home or in the field, and will hold an edge very well.
Overall Length: 8.00" inches Approx
Blade Length: 4.00” inches Approx
Blade Handle: 4.00" inches approx
Blade Patterns: Twisted
Bolster: Buffalo Horn
Sheath Included