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Our Damascene is very elaborate from two different types of steel 1095 & 15N20 hand forged. Five times doubling the steel layers and welding again multiplies the number of layers. Thus, Our Damascene 288 layers has been folded 5 times. This distinguishes our knives for its long-lasting sharpness, toughness and hardness.

Here you get a very nice hand-forged full damask hunting knife in sexy torsion pattern.

Exactly the power of the knife very stable and unique. The Damascene blade is made of damask.
The leather vagina, also made hand, is made of high-quality beef leather and has been precisely adapted to the knife.

The total length of the knife is 23 cm
The blade length is 12 cm
The damask hardness amounts 56-58 HRC
Damask thickness is 4 mm 5, mm
The handle is made of Makkataholz