Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Axe Handle Rosewood With Beautiful Leather Sheath Heavy-duty Camping Hatchet High-quality Camping Axe

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Item Details:

Total Axe Length: 16.00 Inches Approx

Blade Length: 4.00 Inches Approx

Blade Width : 5.00 Inches Approx

Handle Length : 15.00 Inches Approx

Handle Material : Natural Wood

Our blades are made from high quality Damascus steel. It is Custom made only for you. The blade of this Axe is the result of the saw-blade effect at microscopic level, allowing the blade to keep cutting while other blades have dulled. The Blade of this AXE is 1095 and 15N20 high steel true layers (512). Blade has given excellent heat treatment and rock well hardness of the blade along its edge is 50 to 54 and along the spine is 42-45.